Celebration: A Year Later

So I work in a retail job as my day job, as a home theater installer. I do network setups, tv mountings, and wire runs, to new a few things. The job rocks because I drive from place to place and meet cool people in their home and then, once the work is done, I go home. The flexibility and freedom of not being locked into just one place all the time is liberating.

To circle back to the title of this article, I started at my current company the first week of 2019. The previous summer, it was blazing hot and I was a car salesman. It was hell and I quickly made my exit after a few months. Well, on this particular day, guess who I was going to for three tv mountings? None other than this same employer.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me, leaving this job was a landmark event for me. Things were rocky with my fiance and my mental health was in a terrible place. Leaving this job was the trigger that put me on the path that led to me starting to learn about meditation and personal development, cleaning up my diet, starting an exercise program (more like exercising at all), and much more. It was validating to see people’s eyes popping out of their heads when I walked in.

The sales manager didn’t recognize me. I also learned that the reason for my leaving, the toxic work environment, had remained. The validation that leaving was the right decision was people saying I looked healthier and happier. Knowing that the feeling within was resonating out to others solidified that you have to move forward in life. People will celebrate you in the light for the things you do in the dark.



My First Post!

Hello all,

My name is A.J. Stringham and welcome to ThanksAJ.com! The purpose of this website is several pieces:

  • to publish how-tos on a variety of topics
  • to answer questions submitted by others
  • a journal for my own purposes

Who will be interested in this blog?

  • anyone who gets caught by one of the titles
  • strange, weird people who like the same strange and weird things I do
  • internet bots
  • Twitter trolls
  • people interested in self-development

In case it wasn’t already obvious, I’m a little bit snarky. My goal is to make you laugh, share information I’ve learned that’s benefited my life, and network with cool people like you (you’re reading this post so you must be cool!). Some of this will be me venting, some of it will be advice, and some of it will be reflections. The past year has been a journey for me and I want to share that journey with others that are also struggling.

Danielle Ralston, at a company called BeBossGirl focused on digital marketing and branding, specifically for female entrepreneurs, have begun working together. Danielle needed some technical help so I am assisting with a project that I really believe in.

I’m going to leave you with this: in life, worry less about the where, what, when, and how. Spend your time getting locked in on the who and the why. The rest will follow.